21-Day Challenge: How to Use PLR

21-Day Challenge: How to Use PLR

How to Use PLR Challenge

1. It’s going to take place Sept 18-Oct 8th (a 21 day challenge)

2. You can sign up any time – you do NOT have to be on that schedule. Lessons will stay up forever, so you can always go back later or join later and participate.

3. EXCITING news: I’ve invited other PLR sellers whose content I like to donate PLR for you and I to play around with and use as practice AND some of them are also giving you an exclusive coupon code in case you like their stuff and want to buy YOUR niche specific content from their site.

4. The cost of the challenge will be $47.

5. You will get hand holding and feedback. So if you edit your work and want me to see how you changed things, I’ll be happy to provide that for you. All questions you have? Answered. No reading a course and being left alone to try to figure stuff out on your own.

6. The course will be teaching a TON of different stuff – personalization, SEO, uniqueness, merging, slanting, etc. It will NOT be teaching you “how to pick a niche” or “how to install Workdpress.” This is not a traffic course, although we will be using the PLR on places that usually generate traffic (blogs, social networks, etc.). I WILL be showing you how to take a minisite, for example, and technically set it up on a hosting server using cpanel, but I won’t be covering how to get a domain and connect it with hosting – that has nothing to do with PLR usage.

I will be covering everything in a funnel – blog posts, social posts, opt in freebies, email autoresponders, graphics, etc. We’ll go over where to buy quality, and even how to work with crappy PLR. We’ll discuss organization, frequency of use, and a ton, ton more.

I’m building the sales copy right now and will notify you when it’s ready. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I know the consensus was that 14 days was too tight and 30 maybe too long, so a 3-week challenge seems just perfect!

Get ready. And what I’d be doing in the meantime is picking a niche if you don’t have one, grabbing a domain and setting up hosting, and gathering ALL your previously bought PLR into a folder on your desktop because we’re about to act like a Hoarders episode and clean it all up!


Q&As about the 21-Day Use PLR Challenge:

Q: Does it have to be completed in 21 days?
A: No. You can log into the lesson at your own pace and take as long as you need.

Q: If I take longer than 21 days, will you still be available for help?
A: Yes. I’m always here. I monitor questions daily, and I’ll hand hold whether it’s Sept 18th or March 2017.

Q: Do I need PhotoShop to work with the PLR graphics?
A: No. I don’t use PhotoShop.

Q: What topics are covered in the free PLR gifts being donated?
A: More PLR providers have come onboard, and so far the topics donated are:

– Survival
– Affiliate Marketing
– Intermittent Fasting
– Time Management
– Camp Cooking
– Chicken Raising
– Composting
– Container Gardening
– Saving Money
– Eco Friendly Tips
– Allergies
– Anxiety
– Asthma
– Food Preservation

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