Be a Book Author

Be an author.
One year ago, I published a book on Amazon called “Before I die – the Last Message”.
This book is about the last messages of people before they die.
They are so moving, so full of wisdom, that one can hardly finish reading the book without a tear.
In 2014, I pursued my passion for writing and went on to publish some 13 books- physical books, Kindle books, ebooks.
You can go and search by my name. I have some pen names too. I also sell some on Apple iTunes and Google Play.
I learn from some publishing teachers. Coupled with my experience, I wrote and publish a home study course. It is the most comprehensive and affordable course on Kindle Publishing.
You too can learn how to write and publish your book on Amazon Kindle store via my home study course at
I did not follow my advice to write only books that sell.
I wrote about topics that I am passionate about (which does not necessarily sell).
But I felt fulfilled and satisfied.
I wrote, publish and forget about it. No marketing (like that, I won’t get rich).
At the end of each month, I do receive monthly payment through my Payoneer card, which is enough to pay for my breakfast every day.
Steve Scott said,
“One of the best aspects of self-publishing is you create an asset that will generate income for the rest of your life.
And this is the reason why I don’t like business models where you trade time for money. Like public speaking, consulting, or coaching.”
I don’t promise you will get rich. But it will be a fulfilling experience.
To me, publishing a book is like giving birth to a baby.
When you hold the baby book in your hands, the feeling is pure joy after months of labour.
It’s your legacy. It’s your immortality.
The book will still be sitting in the bookshelf long after you are gone.
You message will live on forever.
If you play the game right, your books are your money-making assets which will yield you a recurring income.
If you want to learn from the best teacher in the world for Kindle publishing, I highly recommend Steve Scott.
But if you want to learn from someone closer home, sign up for my home study course at
Before I die - the last message
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