Be a Published Author With less than $300

At the age of 18, I dream of becoming an author. Along the way, the dream was buried in the busyness of my work. In those days, it was expensive to publish books. I never felt good enough.

I fulfilled my dream at the age of 55, after 37 years of wandering and waiting. So far I had 18 books to my name.

With Amazon and modern technology, it is now affordable and easier for us to become a published author.

Books are the new name cards. Books are good for branding.

Join me as I share with you on how you too can be a published author.

Sign up at

Be a published author

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Facebook Marketing without Using Paid Ads

FB marketing without Using Paid Ads

How do you make money online?
The simple answer is: Go where your prospects are.
And engage them to build know, likes, trust, and desires. (KLTD).

Nowadays, guess where are the eyes looking at?
At their mobile devices.
Which site? Facebook.
Compared to email or website, Facebook is the perfect platform for social interaction.
No password to access. No need to remember URL.
Facebook is the best pond to catch your fish.

Facebook is good. Facebook is free. I have a FB group with over 3,700 members.
It has provide me a debt-free freedom lifestyle.
You have seen what I do online. It’s an open-book.

Let me show you how to attract more clients, get more sales and boost your
branding through Facebook without using FB ads.

Let me show you how to make money without spending money on paid ads.

Starting 1st May, I will be conducting a 30-day online coaching program.
This is perfect for Facebook newbies, FB group admin and spammers looking
for a better way to reach out to their prospects. I do have some ninja tips
for seasoned Facebook users.

If you have any questions, message me on Facebook.

Your investment is only SG$97.
It is the cost of buying me a cup of $3 coffee every day to have a
consultation session with me.

Take these 3 simple steps now to master Facebook marketing:

Step 1: Make a one-time payment of $97 at

Step 2: Add me as your Facebook friend.

Step 3: Chat with me on Facebook. I will take you into my secret online room.

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PLR Content – Lifetime Access


Lifetime PLR Access to PLR Mini Mart – Past, Present and Future PLR


You will never run out of content ever again.

Get access to all the past, present and future content in

These content are written by a top ghostwriter to well-known internet marketers. The author is Tiffany Lambert.  Take a look at her website to see the range of topics. The quality of writing is world-class.

You can use her PLR (private label rights) material and put your name as the owner. PLR is like a white label. Use the content for your blog posts, email post to your subscribers, or  give it as a free gift in your opt-in page. You can use the content to build a list, in email series, on you blog, as products to sell as PDFs, etc.

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, bloggers need content.

Her website has the widest range of topics.  I paid $397 for lifetime membership to her website.

Now you can get it for just usd$197 for lifetime access to all her files in PLR Mini Mart.

This offer is open for the next 24 hours.

Grab it now



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Tiffany Lambert PLR Launch Challenge

Private label rights is a very lucrative business branch when you create packs for others to buy. Everyone needs content – for blogs, email autoresponders, social networks, as books to sell or use as opt in freebies or bonus reports, and more.

You can make a good income selling PLR content. The most qualified person to teach you is Tiffany Lambert because she has been selling PLR content for almost 10 years.


When you sign up for Tiffany PLR challenge, I will give you a special bonus. I will coach you on how to create a profitable income in the PLR business. I will answer any of your questions you have about PLR.    You are learning from 2 teachers for the price of one.  The value of my bonus is US$97.   It’s free exclusively to you when you sign up for Tiffany’s PLR challenge.  I am not offering this coaching to anyone else outside this group.

Tiffany PLR challenge starts on 15th March and her lessons are permanently accessible to you so that you can learn and revise at your own pace.

Sign up now at

After you had sign up, please contact me and I will add you to my secret group immediately.




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Tiffany Lambert Kindle Fiction Challenge


Good news for writers!
If you have been wanting to publish your own fiction book on, Tiffany Lambert is conducting a 6-week online coaching on 15th March.

Find out more at

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Fiverr Cash Secrets

FIVER Cash Secrets

How to Make Money Online Without a Website With No Money Down – A 30 Day Day Online Coaching Program with Sam Choo

My income is not enough. I need to find a way to earn some extra money“.

If this is what you are thinking now, read on because I am going to show you a legitimate way to earn extra income in your spare time.

Imagine what it is like to work at your own time, and earn a few hundreds every month to fund your studies, to have the extras to buy milk for your children, to pay your kid’s tuition fees and to pay off the bills?

The economic times are hard. One job is never enough to make ends meet. It is wise to have a 2nd income stream. Here is your opportunity to learn how to make real money.

I don’t want to waste your time. If you are looking for a get rich quick program, this is not for you. If you are not prepared to put aside an hour a day to work on your Internet business, this is also not for you.

There is a busy market place with an estimated 10.7 million visitors a day. There are vendors with a ‘table’ to display their stuff. They sell all sorts of stuff – from products to services to knowledge. They sell their gigs for $5 to $100s.

Some earn hundreds of dollars a month and the best sellers are doing it as a full-time job.

There is such as marketplace online.  It’s called Fiverr. is a microjob site where anyone can sell almost anything from 5 to over 500 bucks. There are 117 services or products that you can sell.

Here’s why you’ll love to sell on Fiverr.

  • It is  fast. It takes only 5 minutes to list your gig and start selling.
  • It is free to list. No need to pay membership fees or rental fee.
  • It is a lot easier than any other internet business.
  • There’ no need to create website.
  • No need to do technical stuff like SEO.
  • It iss newbie friendly.
  • Free Hot Traffic in a busy market place. No need to promote your business.
  • Leverage on your talent/skill. There 119 kinds of services listed on the site.
  • It is Fun. Sell what you like.
  • No long working hours. Do at your own time. Do when you are free. Pause when you are busy.
  • No employees to manage. No boss to answer to. No phone call to answer.
  • You can do it anonymously. Your boss won’t know it.

Can you think of any online business with all the above benefits?

It is the fastest and easiest way for  any aspiring online entrepreneurs to make their first sale. If you are an internet marketing newbie, this is the perfect online business to start with, especially when you don’t have a lot of money, you are technically challenged, you don’t have list, and you don’t a website.

I started selling on Fiverr since Year 2011. I work hard and put up a lot of gigs. After that, it’s has been almost passive income. The orders come through my email. I login and attached the files. It is delivered in 5 minutes. Till this day, I am still getting orders every other day, even though I did not do any promotion at all.


Starting 15th March 2016, I will be running a 30-day online coaching program to teach you how you can make money online from the comfort of your home.  This program is ideal  for complete newbies.

Once you sign up, I will add to you to a secret online forum. I will post the lessons inside the forum.  You’ll have permanent access to it so that you can learn at your own pace.

You’ll receive 20 lessons. Among others, you’ll learn these:

  • How to create a gig that sell
  • Identify the profitable gigs
  • A sure way to double your sales to the same buyer
  • How to get your first sale fast
  • How to use Fiverr for lead generation
  • How to make even more as a buyer
  • How not to get banned by Fiverr
  • and more…

I will interact with you every single day for 30 days from 15th March to 15th April. You get to ask me any questions. I will feedback on your gigs.

This is the most comprehensive Fiverr coaching program you can ever find.  Your investment is only SG$97.    For 30 days of coaching, it is a steal because I charge people $100 per hour.

The more people I reveal my secrets to, the more competitors I have. So I cannot promise if I will do this program again or teach at this low price. So don’t miss the chance.

Once you had made payment via your paypal or credit card, I will add you to the secret forum immediately.


I see you on the inside.

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Be a Book Author

Be an author.
One year ago, I published a book on Amazon called “Before I die – the Last Message”.
This book is about the last messages of people before they die.
They are so moving, so full of wisdom, that one can hardly finish reading the book without a tear.
In 2014, I pursued my passion for writing and went on to publish some 13 books- physical books, Kindle books, ebooks.
You can go and search by my name. I have some pen names too. I also sell some on Apple iTunes and Google Play.
I learn from some publishing teachers. Coupled with my experience, I wrote and publish a home study course. It is the most comprehensive and affordable course on Kindle Publishing.
You too can learn how to write and publish your book on Amazon Kindle store via my home study course at
I did not follow my advice to write only books that sell.
I wrote about topics that I am passionate about (which does not necessarily sell).
But I felt fulfilled and satisfied.
I wrote, publish and forget about it. No marketing (like that, I won’t get rich).
At the end of each month, I do receive monthly payment through my Payoneer card, which is enough to pay for my breakfast every day.
Steve Scott said,
“One of the best aspects of self-publishing is you create an asset that will generate income for the rest of your life.
And this is the reason why I don’t like business models where you trade time for money. Like public speaking, consulting, or coaching.”
I don’t promise you will get rich. But it will be a fulfilling experience.
To me, publishing a book is like giving birth to a baby.
When you hold the baby book in your hands, the feeling is pure joy after months of labour.
It’s your legacy. It’s your immortality.
The book will still be sitting in the bookshelf long after you are gone.
You message will live on forever.
If you play the game right, your books are your money-making assets which will yield you a recurring income.
If you want to learn from the best teacher in the world for Kindle publishing, I highly recommend Steve Scott.
But if you want to learn from someone closer home, sign up for my home study course at
Before I die - the last message
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Blogging and List Building Challenge

blogging and list building

Do you know what is the common and probably the easiest way for any new Internet marketers to start making an income online?

The answer is blogging. It is affordable. Start with a free blog or your hosted website (for $10 a month).   Attract visitors to your site with good content. It is not difficult to blog when you write about topics that you are passionate about.


Visitors come and go. You don’t want to lose them.  So you want to keep them by asking them to subscribe to your email list. Your subscribers are your audience. Through a series of interaction with your subscribers via email, you build a trusting relationship and promote your offers.  The money is in the list.

Blogging + List Building is the winning combination to building a sustainable income online. It is a proven formula.

Don’t believe me?  Check out other top bloggers.


I love to receive Tiffany’s emails. She’s so motherly. I feel like I am receiving a love letter from  her.  She is authentic sharing about her life. She is honest about her reviews.  She cares about her subscribers. She is quick to response.  The hallmark of a good internet marketer.

Her email marketing style is easy and effective. Her method is very easy for newbies to follow.  She does not prepare her email in advance. She prefers to broadcast fresh and up-to-date announcement.

Starting 1st Feb, she is going to conduct a 30-day online coaching program, “Blogging and List Building“.  She will share one  video lesson a day.


Ebooks not so effective for learning. You read the book but you have no access to the author to ask questions, and you don’t have friends to discuss with.

Neither is a 2-day crash course. They overload you with tons of information. They are costly too –  $2,000 to 3,000 course fee  is common. Sometimes, they make you feel that your course is incomplete unless you buy the upsell.

what if you can learn the lessons in digestible portions? One lesson a day.
You watch a tutorial on video, learn and apply immediately. Every day for 30 days.
Wouldn’t this be a more effective way to learn?


The good news is there is absolutely no upsell.
Your investment is below $100 but the value is worth the thousands.
The trainer, Tiffany Lambert is a person of integrity, with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
If you have any questions, she is accessible and responsive.
You have permanent access to the lessons. So if you’re busy, you can also catch up at your own pace.

You will already need to have your idea chosen.
You’ll need to have your domain bought and your blog installed and set up.
Tiffany will hit the ground running with opt in freebie creation the first 2 days and then BOOM – we blog!

It will involve some social sharing, which is optional but oh so rewarding. It will be a voluntary critiquing challenge.

That means, you can lurk and learn OR you can put yourself out there, let other challengers know the URL to your daily blog post, and have them visit, possibly share your post if they like it, and privately (in the challenge) offer tips or ideas on how to improve.

This is a full on group session. Lots of holding. Lots of personal brainstorming with Tiffany if you need it.

The BEST way to build a list is to consistently blog GOOD, juicy content.

So Tiffany going to teach you how to do that.


A few people have asked Tiffany to clarify how her January Affiliate Marketing Challenge will differ from February’s Blogging and List Building Challenge.

In January’s challenge (which involves blogging), every post will be an affiliate promotion.
In February’s challenge, we’ll be working on all sorts of content that attracts subscribers – and affiliate posts will only make up a small portion of those.

When you combine the two challenges, it helps you create a very powerful presence online in your niche..
You’re not only seen as someone with good product recommendations, but as a leader with good insight to share – someone to help them through a situation.

January’s challenge is about setting your blog up for affiliate sales. The February Challenge will be about developing a blog following because your content is THAT good.


I strongly recommend that you take up her online course. Learn from the comfort of home at such an affordable fee that you don’t have to beg and borrow from your neighbours. You’ll learn a lot of valuable lessons that are simple to follow.

When you sign up through my affiliate, I will give you an irresistible offer. The bonus is my free 30-day online coaching program to support Tiffany’s lessons.  I normally charge $97 for my programs but it is free  for you.

The reason is that I want to give you all the support you need to succeed.  In effect, you are learning from 2 teachers for the price of one. And you have the company of like-minded companions to  boost your spirit. You are not alone.


For those who don’t know me, I am a full-time 5-figure monthly income internet marketer. In the last 2 months,  I earned about $4,000 through affiliate marketing alone.

eventbrite jvzoo censored

I support my members for the January challenge. You can ask the members what they think of me.


Remember, the course starts on 1st Feb.

If you want to make an extra income, don’t try funny business ideas for quick short-term gain.  Instead, build a sustainable business for the long term with blogging and list building. 

Click on the button below for more information from Tiffany Lambert.  I see you on the other side!



Sam Choo

P.S. After you sign up for Tiffany’s Challenge, please message me on Facebook to get access to a new secret Facebook Group where I will share more tips, answer your questions and support you.

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Learn Affiliate Marketing

I am going to learn affiliate  marketing from Tiffany Lambert. The online coaching program starts in Jan 2016.


I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
But ‘wish’ is a formality like ‘How are you”
I want more than wishes for you.
I want it to happen to you.
I want you to learn how to make money asap.

We are constantly looking for ways to make some extra online.
A few days ago, when Tiffany Lambert offers her 30-day online coaching program in affiliate marketing, I got to share with you.

Do you realise that in most IM training, the most common business model that is taught is affiliate marketing?

It make sense. When you get started, you have nothing to start with. Little money. No list. No product.

And you want to start making money right away.

Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to start an online business.

You promote other people’s products. When a visitor buys the product through your affiliate link, you get paid a commission.

Here are some of the benefits of affiliate marketing:
1. You don’t need to create your own product. Save you time and risk.
2. You have a lot of products to sell
3. You don’t have to follow up with the customers.
4. The salespages are provided. You focus on driving traffic.
5. You can start immediately cos the products are available to sell.
6. Commission are high. Some as high as 50% of the selling price.
7. There are people who earn 4 to 5 figure (and more) income per month through affiliate marketing.
8. You don’t need to pay people to become an affiliate. You can start from zero cost.

How do you learn affiliate marketing?

If you have the money, by all means, pay thousand dollars for a 2-day crash course.

However, if you are on a shoestring budget and you prefer to spread the learning over a longer duration, I have a better option for you.

Tiffany Lambert is a stay-at-home mom. A successful internet marketer. She is well-loved by her fans.

I am on her email list and I read her posts. She is an ethical, honest marketer and her programs are value for money.

I strongly endorse her courses.

I like the way she promote other people products through her email and blog.
She share about her personal life – her divorce, her debts, her problems. Readers feel connected to her.

Then she review a product and tell you as it is – the good and the bad. Her honest opinion.
If it sucks, she might tell you not to buy it.

Her ‘secret’ is that she will identify the weakness in the product and offer a bonus to make the product more complete.

Her sales method is friendly and non-pushy.

In her course, she is going to create a website from scratch so that you can follow her day by day.

If you are away, you can login and catch up on the lessons, and ask questions.

I have signed up for her Jan 2016 30-day challenge.

Someone asked me why do I want to sign up since I already know affiliate marketing.
Well, I don’t know what I don’t know.
And it is always good to learn from people who are better than you.

I would love you to join me so we can learn from her together, have each other for company to keep the momentum going.

As an incentive, I am going to offer you my $97 program for FREE when you sign up through my affiliate link.

Once you sign up through the above link, send me a screenshot of your receipt.
I will add you to my new secret FB group immediately..

I want to support you so you have the best chance to succeed.

Here is guarantee to you.
If you find that Tiffany’s course is not worth the US$67, let me know.
I refund you the money in full even though I don’t earn the full amount from you.

In my new group, I will share with you:
* everything I know about affiliate marketing (I paid thousands of dollars to learn them from others)
* where to tap a free traffic source with 4 million visitors a month.
* how to find products to promote
* and more…

I am not going to hype up and promise you the stars and moon.
I prefer to surprise you and over-deliver on my value inside the group.
This is a one-a-lifetime offer. Tiffany is going to teach this course once. Next month she will move on to teach another new topic.

For me, I cannot sustain my livelihood if I keep giving away my coaching program for free.
Take it as my New Year gift to you.
Buy one, get one free. It this is not a good deal, I don’t know what is.
If you miss it, it’s gone forever. No repeat.   The free bonus ends on 31st Dec 2015.

You owe it to yourself to learn a useful internet marketing skill and create an income for the new year.

Let’s make it happen!
Sign up now

PS. After you have paid for the program, message me. I will add you to my secret FB group.


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Build Your Tribe with a Facebook Group

Facebook Group Marketing Secrets Revealed!

B Group Marketing Secrets

Do you want to build a profitable online business?
Then you must build this MOST IMPORTANT asset – a tribe.

In email marketing, its called ‘build a list’.
Another option is to use Facebook Group to build a tribe of loyal followers

If you don’t have a fan base, you have nobody to listen to you, no audience to talk to and no prospects to sell to.

My internet marketing success formula is simple:
step 1: Find a hungry market
Step 2: Build a tribe
Step 3: Give them what they want.

FB Group is well cooler than email marketing in some ways, such as:
1. FB Group is free to use, compared to a paid autoresponder.

2. FB Group platform is interactive, unlike email marketing which is a one-way communication. You can instant feedback.

3. Do you know Facebook promotes FB groups for free? Nobody promotes your email list for free.

Imagine what it is that whenever you send an offer to your tribe, you get sales.
It happens to me 99% of the time.

The last time I sent out about 3 short posts to promote an offer, I earned $3,000.
In my previous corporate job, I worked 8 hours every day and I don’t even earn $3K.

The tribe is your pipeline.

If you are serious about building a profitable business, go and build a tribe.

I have condensed my 2 years of tribe building experiences into 17 lessons.
I have built countless Facebook groups. This is my specialty. I am a master tribe builder. As of now, I have over 3,400 members in the Singapore Internet Marketers FB Group.

For me to teach you all the lessons in a classroom, it will take 1 to 2 days.
Typical rate for 1-2 day workshops can cost as high as $1K to $2K.
I won’t charge you this much. But you know the value of it.
I have reduced it to the lowest possible investment of just SG$97 early bird price.
After 31st Dec 2015, I will raise it to USD$97.

The amount you invest in this education and guidance is minimal compared to what you can earn back. Last month, I had earned a 5-figure income. Without a tribe, I would not have achieve it.

You too can achieved this success.

But I don’t promise you instant success and little effort.
It might take you at least 6 months of planting seeds and nurturing and 1,000 members before you see the money flowing in.

There is a season of planting, and a season for harvest.

You must have stamina for the marathon run.
If you are lazy to work, this is not for you.
If you don’t care about your tribe members, this is not for you.
If you are too busy, this is not for you.

If you are serious enough to treat this like a business, not a ‘play play’ hobby, I am here for you to give you all the help you need.

When you sign up, you get:
* 17 lessons in pdf file by email (one lesson a day)
* lifetime access in my secret FB group
* receive new lessons as and when it is available inside the Group
* can ask me any questions about tribe building with FB group
* get feedback from me on your progress and how to solve your tribe building problem, if you ask me.

Make your 2016 a prosperous one by building your tribe on Facebook Groups.
Sign up now at

I see you on the other side.

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