Confession – Inside the Mind of a 6-Figure Internet Marketer

Confession – Inside the Mind of a 6-Figure Internet Marketer

Do you want to peek into the mind of a 6-figure internet marketer and learn all his closely guarded secrets for just the price of a cup of Starbuck coffee a day?

if you wake up one day and had my vast internet marketing knowledge.
Would you like to turn that knowledge into internet profits and dollars?

if you know how to correctly implement the proven IM strategies I used successfully over the years.
Would you like to virtually SAVE YEARS OF YOUR TIME, skip the trial and error and go straight to the profit phase of your IM biz?

Now you can have access to my mind – my secret recipe to IM success.
Would you likely to reach 4 figures and 5 figures faster rather than figuring it on your own?
Would you like to model what works?

Who am I?  I am a full-time internet marketing teacher, a mentor, affiliate marketer, an author, a tribe builder, a solopreneur, etc.  I am pretty good at making money using little or no money methods.

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I want to share with you about my 30 success principles because by implementing them, my life had changed from being broke to living the freedom laptop lifestyle.

Life is good. I get to sleep as much as I need without an alarm clock. I don’t have a boss to bark at every day. I can say no to projects that I don’t’ want to do. I live life on my own terms.

I teach one evening a week. I don’t have to get stuck in the jam or rush for my lunch.

Being a solopreneur, I don’t have a team to manage. I make money with very little money. I work at home. Although I am not yet a millionaire, I have enough for my needs.

I am sharing this because if it is possible for me, it is also possible for you to be financially free even as a solopreneur, with just a laptop and internet access.

What this program is NOT:
It is NOT one to one coaching
It is NOT a Webinar
It is NOT a Seminar

It is a 30-day online sharing session.

Here is what you get:
I will add you to a secret online forum. The forum is permanently open to you so that you can visit it anytime and read the posts at your own pace.

I will post my thoughts and insights on Internet Marketing every day for the next 30 days.
I am going to share with you about my habits, mindset, success factors, and strategies.

I will tell you stories about my IM journey, the challenges I faced and how I overcome them. I’ll share my successes as well as failures. You will learn from my successes and avoid repeating my mistakes.

It is going to be an intimate conversation because I give you permission to ‘interrogate me’. Ask me any questions you want.  By the end of the month, you’ll definitely know me better.

By the end of the month, you’ll definitely know me better.  You’ll know what it takes for you to achieve a freedom laptop lifestyle.

What’s the value of my daily sharing for 30 days?
If you spend an hour to access my brain in a private coaching session, it’s $200 per session.
I am not sure if other Internet marketers will even want to let you access their brain, and if they do, for how much and for how long?

Your investment is a one-time payment of SG$147 for 30 days of my daily posts.


You get 30 days of free access to ‘Conversation with Sam‘  forum.  This active forum is no longer open to the public. It is normally available to my coaching students only and my loyal subscribers.

Here’s my guarantee.
If you find that it is not worth your money within the first 7 days, let me know and I will issue you a full refund. The risk is mine.

The dream of living the freedom laptop lifestyle is within reach when you have the right mindset and strategies.

Why you’ll want to sign up now. This may be the last time I am doing a 30-days program because it takes a lot of stamina for such a long duration. After this program, I may not be so forthcoming about my strategies.

Topic: Confession – Inside the mind of a 6 figure internet marketer
Teacher: Sam Choo
Date: 1st to 30th Sept 2017.
Investment: $147

After you make the payment, please message me. I will add you to a private forum.

I see you on the inside.