From Breakdown to Breakthrough

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

discover-the-key-to-breakthrough with sam choo

Are you broke and still not making any headway in online marketing?
Then this message is for you.

I have decided to conduct this talk after many of my Facebook friends shared with me about their struggle in their internet marketing journey. Some of them have spent thousands of dollars on other internet marketing workshops and they still feel lost.

I feel for them because I saw myself in them 8 years ago.

It’s not entirely your fault that you stumble because you were sold on a dream that making money online is fast, easy and effortless. When you realize it was harder than you expect, you keep looking for the next shining object…until you are broke and call it a scam.

The problems are a combination of wrong expectation, wrong understanding, and wrong strategies. Sometimes the problem is yourself. You could be your greatest enemy. Your limiting beliefs limits you. It is seldom about the lack of knowledge; it’s the lack of willpower. Your mental muscles are weak.

There is hope.
But I am not going to deliver to you an empty ‘airy, fluffy, fairy’ talk to pump your emotion up. There is no song and dance. Just sharing about realities.

I am going to share my life stories as a real example, to inspire you to believe what is possible. I have been fired from a job before because I messed up some critical program codes as a software engineer.

Three times, I quit my corporate jobs. Twice I failed as an entrepreneur and to make it worst, I went back to my old jobs because there is nowhere to go.

On the 3rd attempt, God had pity on me. I was 49 years old. Unemployed and without relevant skills. Numerous resumes were sent out but no response. I had no saving. Bills kept coming. How I fear to open the letter box.

By the grace of God, I survived the hardship. I learn to become resourceful when I lack resources.  I learn how to make money without little or no money. I survive for 8 years. I thrive.

Today I am living a freedom lifestyle, working anywhere, anytime. I am debt-free as a sole breadwinner to my wife and 2 teenage children. I am able to support my parents and contribute to charity. I am able to eat any food I like without having to look at the price.

On 11th Nov (Friday) evening, I will share with you, 4 areas:
* Life lessons from my internet marketing journey to supercharge your mind for success.
* Challenge the myths about internet marketing and rewire some faulty thinking
* Address your personal challenges and help you to remove limiting beliefs and mental blocks
* Simple and smart strategies to make money online. You are free to copy my formula for success.

This masterclass is not a preview of some other courses. There is no upsell. Just solid content.

The aim is to help you overcome your limiting belief and achieve the breakthrough in your online business.  Clear some of the myths that are stopping you. You’ll get strategies to succeed in internet marketing.

What you’ll discover:

* How to Learn from the Best Teachers in the World without Borrowing Money from the Bank
* How not to get scammed
* Why you shouldn’t try to change the world now
* Why you shouldn’t quit your day job when starting a new business.
* how I started my online business from zero.
* Why You Don’t Need a Website for a Start.
* How to stand out from the crowd
* How to cope with challenges such as the fear of failure, of not knowing where to start, doubting your ability, and the lure of shining objects.
* How to succeed in e-commerce.
* How to select the right niche
* How to get leads
* How to run a meetup group

…and a lot more.

I will add you to a secret FB group to continue the conversation and learning. Whenever there is new content, I will add the materials to the group. You have access to me, to ask me any questions within the group. This bonus alone is worth more than the ticket price.
After you have signed up for the masterclass, email me or message me to tell me about your challenges and what’s stopping you from success. I will address your personal challenge during my sharing.

Date: 11th Nov (Fri) 7pm to 10pm:

Venue: 16, Arumugam Road, Off Paya Lebar Road,
Building Block D, #05-01, Singapore 409961

Speaker: Sam Choo

Investment: $50 only.