How to Create Profitable Online Coaching Programs

How to Create Profitable Online Coaching Programs


How do you like the idea of making a living online from the comfort of your home, doing it part-time, by sharing your knowledge, and having the joy of knowing that your sharing change people’s lives?

You have the flexibility of packaging your offering in any format you like (be in pdf or video or podcast), and at any prices.

If you are wondering how you can make money online, with almost zero overheads,  let me introduce to you one of favourite business models.


Guess what I like to sell?
The answer: information.

You should sell information too.
Reason: As a supply, information is easily available. People do buy information. It is also easy to deliver without the hassle of shipping and stock inventory.


Frank Kern said that the opportunities in the business of selling information online are in these areas:
* e-learning (courses)
* niche digital info products (eg paleo cooking recipe, belly dancing course, pregnancy miracle, self-defence, etc)
* business coaching.
* Personal coaching (not business related, eg life coaching, dating, health and fitness, parenting, etc)


You have the knowledge that you can sell. You know more than you think. Even if you don’t know it, you can commit to a period of mastery so that you can teach it.


You can teach online from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. This is more scalable than trading your time for money by giving private tuition.Once you have created your course material, you simply repeat the same content to a new audience.

This business model is perfectly suitable for introverts, home makers and those with a full-time job.

You don’t have to meet clients or make phone calls. A website is optional. You can function without a website. You can operate this business with no money or little money by using free resources. You can sell to a global market which is bigger than your local market. Human needs are the same, regardless of where they are.


I have personally run a number of online coaching programs, including 30-day challenges and home study courses. Here are some of the online programs I have conducted:

* Sell like a Ninja – How to promote your business online…without spamming, with no-cost methods (a 100-day challenge)
* How to Write and Publish Your Book in 60 days (a 60-day challenge)
* Facebook Zero to Hero (3o days)
* “Inside the Mind of a 5-figure Internet Marketer (30 days)
* Passion to Profit – From Zero to a 5-figure Income. (5 weeks)
* How to build a coaching business (1 year)

Besides, I have attended numerous 30-day challenges such as:
* 30-day Ignite Video Challenge with Namh Arthur
* 30-day video challenge with Melissa Groom
* 30-day to Become Awesome at Video with Melyvn Tan.
* Speak & Inspire with Lisa Nichols

I will teach you the simple ways of doing the business, not the complicated or the expensive ways. It is not technically challenging. You don’t need expensive software. I will show you how to use free resources to run this business.


While I will cover broadly different ways to package your course materials, I will put more emphasis on 30-day challenges.

Here’s how a typical 30-day challenge work:
1. Every day, you post a short tip and assignment.
2. Students do the assignment and submit them.
3. You give them feedback.

You prepare the tutorial in advance. You can repeat the course using the same material. Produce once, repeat forever.


* Online challenges are a trend. They are popular. They are proven to work. They are easy to implement.
* It’s the most effective way for students to learn since they consume in small bites and the learning is spread over many days. Students are given assignments to work so that they learn by doing. They get feedback on their work.
* Peer pressure. In an online learning environment, we can leverage the power of a like-minded community when everybody starts and ends together, Everybody encourages each other to grow. Your course mates are your teachers. Students learn best in such a support environment. rather than learning alone.
* It solves the problem of information overload.
* Profit margin is high and overhead expenses are minimal.
* It can be used as a lead-generation to upsell a paid program
* As a paid product, it is an attractive package.

This is my favouite biz model because:
1. You can make money at home by selling your knowledge
2. You change lives
3. It is profitable. Making a 4-figure income per program is within reach. (eg $200 x 5 students)
4. Your programs are your assets. The more programs you create, the more you can sell. You can sell all your assets as a bundle for a higher price.
5. Create once and sell forever so that you work less and earn more. You don’t have to trade time for money.
6. Sell to many people without increasing your resource proportionately. It is scalable. With 1 to many, you can earn more.
7. This biz model is perfect for solopreneurs, housewives, introverts and those who have a full-time job.


During the 3-hour live masterclass, you will discover:

* Disadvantage of classroom training
* Advantages of Online learning
* Types of online learning format
* Why live challenge is the optimal way to learn
* how home study, webinar and 30 day challenge work
* Pricing for 30 day challenge
* how to identify the program to coach
* What are the hot topics
* what if I am not a subject expert?
* Where to find content.
* How to structure salespage
* where to create a sales page without using your own website.
* how to promote your program
* 2 ways to create a free 7-day challenge
how to set up the system with real life examples
* and more…

The learning does not end after the class. I will add you to a secret forum where you have permanently lifetime access. You can download the presentation slides. You will be updated of any new information. You have access to me inside the forum. You can ask me any questions.


Date: 9 Nov 2017 (Thur), 7pm to 10pm
Speaker: Sam Choo
Venue: 16, Arumugam Road, Off Paya Lebar Road,
LTC Building Block D, #05-01,
Singapore 409961

Investment: $70.
(Solopreneurs members get discounted price. Details inside the secret forum. Those with BSX vouchers or pre-paid ticket can exchange for one ticket).

This is the first time I am sharing this info. Once you learn it, you will know how to earn a living by creating profitable online coaching programs and 30-day challenges.  This is a fun and meaningful way of making an income online.