How To Sell Physical & Digital Products and Online Courses Without A Website In Just 15 Minutes

How To Sell Physical & Digital Products and Online Courses Without A Website In Just 15 Minutes


This course is catered for internet newbies. But after you finished this course, you will be smarter than many others who are struggling with website design, monthly hosting fees, autoresponders subscriptions and paying for all kind of things they don’t need while trying to make some money online.

Selling online can be easy and we will teach you how!

Even if you don’t intend to sell a physical product or a digital product such as a video course, a pdf course or online course, you can still use Gumroad for marketing purpose. You can use Gumroad as a lead capture system to capture prospect email addresses and warm them up with freebies and create a tribe.

Come to this workshop and learn how to use Gumroad to sell and upsell! How to use Gumroad to build an email subscriber list without paying for all the bells and whistles of email autoresponders.

If you face the following problems like many internet newbies,

  • Don’t know how to do website design
  • Don’t know anything about hosting, DNS setting and and FTP
  • No graphic skills to design a decent web banner
  • Don’t know how to create a simple buy button
  • Don’t know how to install and manage a shopping cart
  • Don’t want to pay monthly subscription for anything

…BUT still want to sell a physical product or a digital product, a video course, or online course, then don’t miss this chance to learn how to do it easily.

This workshop is just for you.

This workshop will show you, step-by-step, how to quickly get your product set up for sale in less than 15 minutes.

You can just start selling without worrying about domain names registration, website creation, sales page creation, video hosting and all the internet jargons.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone looking to put up their first product to sell online without wanting to create a website and all the hassles
  • This course is for anyone who wants to sell seminar, video courses and online courses and turn they knowledge into cash
  • Trainers, home chefs, tuition teachers, anyone who can teach
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Anyone who wants simplicity and profitability


About The Instructor:

Goh Kheng Chuan

Publishing Consultant, Author, Trainer and E-Course Creator

K.C. Goh, is a book publisher with 20 years of content creation experience in print and digital media, author, entrepreneur and trainer. He is the owner of Rank Books, a leading publishing firm based in Singapore. KC is an arts graduate from the National University of Singapore and he also holds a Specialist Diploma in E-Learning from National Institute of Education (NIE) and a Diploma in Wealth Management. K.C. Goh is also a Udemy instructor, he is a certified Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) trainer competent in delivering excellent competency-based training programs and assessments. He is also the author of many books including “How to Write a Winning Humorous Speech”.

Topic: How To Sell Physical & Digital Products and Online Courses Without A Website In Just 15 Minutes

Speaker: KC Goh

Date: 6 Sept (Wed) 2017, 7pm to 10pm

Investment: $70