How to Turn Your Ideas into Products

How to Turn Your Ideas into Products

If you embark on a new hobby or interest, express your knowledge somewhere. When you have accumulate enough of the material, collect them and turn it into a product.

For example, you can blog about it on your Facebook group/page, blog, evernote, etc. Whenever you have a conversation in your head, write it down. Over time, you will have a lot of posts. I called this ‘Data Dump’

Compile them, organise the info, and turn it into an ecourse, a workshop/talk, or a book/report.

When I dig into all my posts that I shared with people online in the various Facebook groups, and the stuff that I accumulate over the years in my PC, there’s so much information.

I can possible sort them out and churn out lots of reports and ebooks.

With the end of the year approaching, do some data cleaning and see what you can churn out into digital products. Put them into the marketplace such as Amazon and let it earn passive income for you.

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