Money Making Tips for Writers

Money Making Tips for Writers

Attention Writers: You can make money by submitting your articles to

Here’s a success story from Thom:

A little story about a sale today that might amuse some of you.

Earlier today, I got a notification of a $60 full rights sale through Constant Content ($39 for me, after commission).

Checking my account, I found that this was the only article I’ve ever placed on Constant Content. A 719 word article that I wrote and posted in 2007.

Not the fastest sale, but this was only ever meant as an experiment, with a single article listed online at an inflated price (although lower than my usual rate now the odd times I still write for clients). This did net a decent price per word. Incidentally, my distant recollection of the article is that it took no more than 20 minutes for me to write.

I’m sure that there is money to make on sites like Constant Content if you’re strategic about it and can write to a high standard.

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