This is the best membership that I can find for internet marketers. It has high quality video tutorial by internet marketing experts. Ryan Lee who runs this site is an ethical marketer. Members get to join a private group which is very active. It is forum of supportive and positive minded  people. I joined this group because it gives me access to the latest strategies by real experts, and to know more international friends.  The price is a no-brainer.
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Kindle Money Mastery

If you can write,  publishing your kindle ebook is the best way to earn passive income. Stefan is one of the best teachers cos he practise what he preach. Join  the program and learn the online lessons at your own pace. Find out more. 

Kindling – The Best Kindle Training

Personally I don’t stop at learning from one Kindle e-course. I subscribe to as many Kindle ecourses as possible so that I can learn the best from the best gurus.

What is special about this Kindling Membership site by Geoff Shaw? It received rave reviews and accolades from members. I bet you can’t find a bad review about this site.

The info is always updated.

What I love most is that this is the ONLY paid membership  that has the most information about writing fiction. Fiction books sell the most. Look at the top 100 bestsellers. 99% of the bestselling books are fiction.

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Kindle 1K System

This is a set of video tutorial that promise that you can earn 1K a month in 60 days. Learn at your own pace for a one time fee of only $67 (early bird price).  Details here 

Kindle Spy software

New Unique Software Application ‘Reverse Engineers’ The Kindle Marketplace & Reveals Lucrative Kindle Niches – In Seconds!”

It shows you the statistics for a category at one glance so you can tell immediately if the books in the selected category are  making good sales or not

It even shows you the statistics for a selected author (your competitor) so you know what are the titles he published and which one is making him the most money.  Watch this video demo.


The easiest way for an internet marketing newbie to make the first sale is to sell on fiverr.  I have an online home study and coaching program where I teach you how to make money on fiverr. You receive the lessons  via email. You get to receive a lifetime membership to my closed FB group where you continue to learn from me and ask me any questions.  Here’s my fiverr coaching program.

Singapore Internet Marketers Community

Join the biggest online community of Singapore Internet marketers. Get to make friends and learn from each other.  Join here. 

Fabian Lim SEO Context Analyzer

In Fabian Lim’s  advanced SEO classes,  participants are sworn to secrecy on the secret SEO recipes. One the secret recipes is to put related words into the article to make it highly relevant.  Finally, Fabin Lim has publicly released his latest software “SEO COntext Analyzer”

This software suggest a list of words that you should insert into your article to support your primary keywords. It tells you which words are not yet embedded.

The end result is to help you create an optimized article with relevant content.  This will improve your SEO ranking. As an SEO practitioner, I swear by this.  If you are really serious about doing SEO, you have to grab this software.  I bet you won’t find a similar SEO product like this anywhere.  Go and download the SEO Context Analyzer. 

Here’s my friend Yon Fai said after he bought the software: “Great Sam, it seems the product seo context analyzer by fabian lim is useful. Rankings have shot to first page of google. Have brought the product Thanks for recommending!

Calling All Book Lovers!

Never pay more than a buck for a book ever again!
Buck Books, your source for awesome Kindle books spanning multiple genres, both fiction and nonfiction, all priced at just 99 cents.*    Get it here

10 Business Ideas that Can Get you Sales within a Week

Most people fail in Internet marketing cos it takes too long, it takes too many steps and most of all, they don’t see the result fast enough. Most people don’t have the stamina for the long run.

What if  the business idea is simple enough for you to get the first sale within 1 week? Will it not give you the confidence booster to keep working on it and earn more?

This report “Week One Profits” contains 10 business ideas that you can do it and get cash within one week.  It contains day by day, step by step instructions.  If this does not help you, I don’t know what will.

7 Powerful Ways To Easily Earn $500 A Month Online

Most Internet marketing Courses are very complicated and not really meant for newbies.  This report shows you biz models are that easier for newbies to make decent income every month. I absolute endorse these methods cos they are definitely easier for newbies to make money.

This report is written by Dennis Becker of 5 bucks a Day fame.

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