The Power of Free

The Power of Free

The Power of FREE – How to Grow Your Brand, Generate leads, and Make Money by Giving Away Your Info for Free.



If you a new player in the internet marketing scene, this message is for you.
As a new player, you are an unknown in the marketplace.
Nobody knows how good you are, or whether you are trustworthy.
They aren’t going to buy from you unless they know you, like you, and trust you.
When they buy you, they will buy whatever you sell.

So how do you break into the scene and compete with other vendors?
The answer is to give away your info for free.

When you walk into a shopping mall and you see a new food stall, they might offer you a free sample. That’s a smart move.
When you pass by the cookies stall, you will be attracted by the ‘free’ smell.

Even top internet marketers are leveraging the power of free – they give away their books for people (but you pay for shipping).
Free previews still work.
Free webinars still work.
FREE still work. That’s why you still see them around.

One of the trends I am seeing is that it is getting harder to sell information because good information are readily is available.  The strategy for you is to give away information for free but monetize in other ways.

What can you give away?
How do you give away?
What can you upsell?

I will share the answers and more in my next master class on 24th Aug (Thurs) evening.

Here’s what you’ll discover:
* The benefits of giving away info for free
* What else can you give besides info
* Case studies of people who give away their best info for free
* 5 ways to profit from giving away info for free.
* What to upsell
* What you can share and what you cannot share.
* How to implement the ideas
* How to transit from Free to Fee, from browser to buyer
* and more…

BONUS: You will receive a soft copy of the presentation slides.
If you have any questions after the class, you can always message me anytime.

Whether you are starting as an internet marketer, or you trying to find ways to revive your dying business, these ideas will give you an advantage over your competitors.

This is a proven method that works. Everybody loves free stuff. You can see people scrambling and queueing up for free stuff. When there are freebies to give away, you’ll find a crowd. It works.

I shall reveal how you can profit from giving away free reports and other free stuff. Use this method to raise your profile and grow your followers. It will take you from zero to hero. You’ll know how to be a ‘fisherman’.

Topic: The Power of FREE – How to Grow Your Brand, Generate leads, and Make Money by Giving Away Your Info for Free.
Speaker: Sam Choo