Writing eBooks for Kindle: The Ultimate Guide for Finding Profitable Niches in Kindle Store

Writing eBooks for Kindle: The Ultimate Guide for Finding Profitable Niches in Kindle Store


Writing eBooks to sell on kindle can be a frustrating business.

You think of a great topic, write a great book and create a brilliant cover and then…it just doesn’t sell.

The thing that most people don’t realise is that finding profitable books to sell isn’t simply a case of it being a great book; each book needs to tick a number of boxes many of which most individuals aren’t even aware of.

When you think of a topic rather than just rush to write the book you need to do some research to establish if this niche is likely to be a profitable one. If you create a book on weight loss for example there is obviously a market for such a product but that market is dominated by big budget well, established books.

The ideal niche is one where there are already a few lower quality books that appear to be selling but look like they would be fairly easy to outrank if you could make a slightly better book.

Once you have found what you think is a profitable niche you need to do some keyword research, this allows you to check exactly what competition is out there for your book. It also allows you to create a title that will rank well. You will see that the title at the top of this page has been optimized to include many keywords that a buyer may search for when looking for books on your chosen subject and that’s also what you should be doing with your book title.

When you have decided on your key words take a look at the other books in the search results for that word, you want to be looking at them form the perspective of “Can I outrank this book?” For example if your planning on writing a book on acne solutions and there are a number of books that are the same price as yours will be, with a great covers, a number of great reviews and a high sales rankings you will have to really have to work hard to get your book ahead of them.

We want to find a niche where the books that currently rank well have poorly optimized titles and descriptions, a small number of reviews or even bad reviews and generally look low quality but are still selling. Ideally it would be great if they were also more expensive than your book. The fact that the poor quality books appear to be selling means if you can make a better book and get some decent feedback you should be able to quickly rise to the top of the rankings.

Amazon is basically one big search engine and that’s what you must keep in mind, ask yourself this – how many times do you google something and flick through to page ten of the results? – Not very often I’m guessing. Potential buyers on Amazon are exactly the same so choose books that will be at the top of the rankings quickly and make them look inviting to your customers and you will have success before you know it!

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