Strategy Session

Are you stuck in your online business?
Or you don’t know how to start?
Are you looking for answers to your list of questions about making money online?

I have 11 years experience as an online marketer. I could probably help you.
You can book me for a one-to-one  personal session.
We can discuss either offline or online.
We’ll chat for an hour or so.

At the end of the session, you’ll have the answers to all your questions. You’ll have clarity. You’ll have the blueprint to your online business. You’ll get a summary of the notes of our discussion.

You pick the date and time.  Send me your questions in advance.
Your investment is a one-time SGD$100.

Read about the strategy session here


By Topics
I  do have  a list of interesting topics that you might like to learn . Check this out at


I have transcribed the notes from some 60 workshops from the past 3-years of live classroom training.  Read and learn at your own pace.  Check out the list of guidebooks at


This is my bookstore:  The ebooks are in pdf format. Once you order, you can download and read immediately.

Mastermind Groups

If you want to master any internet marketing skill, you cannot master it in just one session. It requires continuous learning and implementation with the guidance of a mentor.

I do provide continuous support through a small online mastermind group. When you learn and take action every day, you will get result. Check out what’s available for you at

Message me to  chat further