“The coach isn’t responsible for the client’s results.”

“The coach isn’t responsible for the client’s results.”

Taki Moore was asking his tribe to discuss the above question in his group, “The Dojo”.

I thought this is a good topic to share with you here.
I had always struggle with this topic. I wonder if it is fair for people to judge the worth of a coach by the success or failure of his students.

In that group, I commented, “When the team does not perform well, the coach get fired.”

Taki Moore gave a very good answer to the topic below:

I am responsible TO my clients. Not FOR them.

They are responsible FOR themselves.

Note: I’m not abdicating responsibility at all.

I’m owning my end 100%.

TO is a big job. I am responsible to give them every advantage I can. Strategy. Training. Tools. Focus. Cadence. A high support, high performance community.

With that in place, they are responsible for their end.

They’ve still gotta do the pushups.

It’s better that way. When they win, they get the glory, not me.

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