Kindle Pre-Made Plot Challenge

Tiffany Lambert Kindle Book Challenge

14 Days of Hands on Help and Laser-Focused Action Taking!

2-Week Task-Oriented Challenge Where We Each Launch a 10K Short Story on Amazon Kindle Using a Pre-Made Fiction Plot of Your Choice


We work with a pre-written plot and publish a short story of 10k words on Kindle in 2 weeks.

Click here to find out more  




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Tiffany Lambert’s 14-Day Mini Social Networking Challenge

Social Networking Challenge

A mini challenge of 2 weeks designed to help people get more comfortable and learn the netiquette and engagement process of using Facebook.

Sign  up now at

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Video Blogging Challenge

video blogging challenge with tiffany lambert

Tiffany Lambert is launching her 14 day mini challenge for video blogging this Sunday. You can start anytime since access to the tutorial is permanent. It includes massive hand holding and critiquing.

Sign up at

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Singapore Internet Marketers Networking Event

singapore internet marketers networking event

I organise a free monthly meetup for my community of  Singapore internet marketers on the first week of each month.

This photo is taken by Ng Jia Xun  at the meetup on 2 June 2016 at Hanis Cafe, National Library.

All are welcome to come and mingle.

Some of my takeaway from this session:
1. Share some marketing tips
2. Possible JV
3. Get to know new friends such as Peter, Gopal, Jerry and YY.
4. Found a new range of gift products from Gopal.
5. Will attend Larry’s copywriting meetup.
6. Get to know more about Zachary Tan‘s Street Smart University program.
7. Discussed the problem of emails which end up in the spam folders.
8. Share a secret proven tip with a single on how to find a wife.
9. copywriter shared why some often-used headlines don’t work well on social media and what actually works.
10. Receive feedback on one area that I need to step up in SIM.

If you want to get to know more internet marketers or learn more about internet marketing, I welcome you to join this Facebook group at

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Be a Self-Esteem Coach for Parents and Kids

Parenting does not come with a manual.

Kids are stressed these days. Some have committed suicide.

11-year-old boy fell from 17 floors before collecting exam results

Parents are stressed too, having to work hard all day, deal with their maids, their children and their money issues.

For every skill, you go to school and get a certificate. But for parenting, it does not come a manual.

There is a big need in the parenting market today. Children need to learn how to manage their self esteem. Parents need to learn how to be positive parents who brings the best of their children without pushing them to the edge of insanity.

Here is your opportunity to learn a new skill and make an income as a life coach who change lives.

Be a better parent

Be a certified Self esteem Coach for Kids & Parents.

Sign up for the training at

“Happy Children. Happy Family”

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Be a life coach

sam choo and suria

Be a life coach

I am blessed to be trained by Suria Isha Sparks in the Genius Potential Power Train the Trainer Program using Jack Canfield’s Success Principles Curriculum.

It cost her 5 Figures plus Hours of Travel and Hotel expenses to learn directly from Jack Canfield in USA

This is a life changing program to maximize your Genius wealth potential.

You can change lives while earning a rewarding income as a life coach.

A 45 mins coaching training workshop can earn you about $1500!
Plus the value received post training in the private membership group is above the value of the program itself

You will learn How to Train and even how to promote yourself to corporate companies who may hire you for $1.5 to $15K for a 1hour to 1 day or 2 days training!

When Suria delivered the training in an exclusive session in Brunei graced by the royal highness, she was awarded the best trainer by scores.

Now Suria generously gives all the templates, checklists online and LIVE

This is your chance to claim your authority as an Inspirational trainer!

Discover how you can learn Genius Potential Power success principles and become a life coach.

Request to attend a FREE Seminar tomorrow at

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Be a Published Author With less than $300

At the age of 18, I dream of becoming an author. Along the way, the dream was buried in the busyness of my work. In those days, it was expensive to publish books. I never felt good enough.

I fulfilled my dream at the age of 55, after 37 years of wandering and waiting. So far I had 18 books to my name.

With Amazon and modern technology, it is now affordable and easier for us to become a published author.

Books are the new name cards. Books are good for branding.

Join me as I share with you on how you too can be a published author.

Sign up at

Be a published author

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Facebook Marketing without Using Paid Ads

FB marketing without Using Paid Ads

How do you make money online?
The simple answer is: Go where your prospects are.
And engage them to build know, likes, trust, and desires. (KLTD).

Nowadays, guess where are the eyes looking at?
At their mobile devices.
Which site? Facebook.
Compared to email or website, Facebook is the perfect platform for social interaction.
No password to access. No need to remember URL.
Facebook is the best pond to catch your fish.

Facebook is good. Facebook is free. I have a FB group with over 3,700 members.
It has provide me a debt-free freedom lifestyle.
You have seen what I do online. It’s an open-book.

Let me show you how to attract more clients, get more sales and boost your
branding through Facebook without using FB ads.

Let me show you how to make money without spending money on paid ads.

Starting 1st May, I will be conducting a 30-day online coaching program.
This is perfect for Facebook newbies, FB group admin and spammers looking
for a better way to reach out to their prospects. I do have some ninja tips
for seasoned Facebook users.

If you have any questions, message me on Facebook.

Your investment is only SG$97.
It is the cost of buying me a cup of $3 coffee every day to have a
consultation session with me.

Take these 3 simple steps now to master Facebook marketing:

Step 1: Make a one-time payment of $97 at

Step 2: Add me as your Facebook friend.

Step 3: Chat with me on Facebook. I will take you into my secret online room.

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PLR Content – Lifetime Access


Lifetime PLR Access to PLR Mini Mart – Past, Present and Future PLR


You will never run out of content ever again.

Get access to all the past, present and future content in

These content are written by a top ghostwriter to well-known internet marketers. The author is Tiffany Lambert.  Take a look at her website to see the range of topics. The quality of writing is world-class.

You can use her PLR (private label rights) material and put your name as the owner. PLR is like a white label. Use the content for your blog posts, email post to your subscribers, or  give it as a free gift in your opt-in page. You can use the content to build a list, in email series, on you blog, as products to sell as PDFs, etc.

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, bloggers need content.

Her website has the widest range of topics.  I paid $397 for lifetime membership to her website.

Now you can get it for just usd$197 for lifetime access to all her files in PLR Mini Mart.

This offer is open for the next 24 hours.

Grab it now



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Tiffany Lambert PLR Launch Challenge

Private label rights is a very lucrative business branch when you create packs for others to buy. Everyone needs content – for blogs, email autoresponders, social networks, as books to sell or use as opt in freebies or bonus reports, and more.

You can make a good income selling PLR content. The most qualified person to teach you is Tiffany Lambert because she has been selling PLR content for almost 10 years.


When you sign up for Tiffany PLR challenge, I will give you a special bonus. I will coach you on how to create a profitable income in the PLR business. I will answer any of your questions you have about PLR.    You are learning from 2 teachers for the price of one.  The value of my bonus is US$97.   It’s free exclusively to you when you sign up for Tiffany’s PLR challenge.  I am not offering this coaching to anyone else outside this group.

Tiffany PLR challenge starts on 15th March and her lessons are permanently accessible to you so that you can learn and revise at your own pace.

Sign up now at

After you had sign up, please contact me and I will add you to my secret group immediately.




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