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Easy Fiverr Cash

Easy Fiverr Cash

If you have not made your first sales online before,  Fiverr is a good starting place.  A huge online marketplace with over 100 categories of gigs to sell. You can make sales even without marketing. Learn how to sell on Fiverr.


publish grow rich with Kindle Publishing

Publish Grow Rich with Kindle Publishing

Earn passive income by publishing your books on Amazon. It is the biggest online bookstore in the world. Learn how to write and publish your books on the Kindle Store.


facebook group marketing secrets

Facebook Group Marketing Secrets

Build a tribe on a Facebook group. Without a tribe, you don’t have an audience to sell to. The tribe is your source of  income. Learn how to build a tribe and grow the members.


facebook zero to hero

Facebook Zero to Hero

Facebook marketing without using ads. Learn how to brand yourself on social media, be a social media blogger and wow your readers. The perfect course for Facebook newbies.


Persuasion Secrets

Persuasion Secrets

Do you want to get others to listen to you, to get people to say yes to you and generate more sales? Master the most powerful selling skill – the art of persuasion.


Build Your coaching business with Sam Choo

How to Build Your Coaching Business

Coaching is the highest level of  service. It is highly profitable and flexible. Perfect for the lifestyle solopreneur. You know something that others are willing to pay for your knowledge.


operation ninja

Operation Ninja: How to Earn Your First $1,000 in 100 days

How do you earn your first $1,000 in 100 days, without a list, without Facebook friends and without your own product. How do you start from scratch, with nothing and no money down?  Join me and look over my shoulder as I journal my attempt in the 100 day challenge.


how to earn your first $1000 in 100 days

How to Create Recurring Income thru Micro-Membership Subscription

The ideal form of income is recurring income through a membership site. How can you turn your one-time sales into a monthly or yearly recurring sales?

coming soon.


Affiliate Marketing 101

The easiest way to make money online is affiliate marketing. No product development and cost. No need to write your own sales page. Just focus on marketing.

coming soon.

Membership Programs

Inside the Mind of a 5-figureInternet Marketer

Conversation with Sam

Get inside the mind of Sam choo and read what he thinks every day. Get his business ideas, insight and the truth about internet marketing. In an industry that is full of spams and scams, such honesty is rare. Pick his brain.


copywriting with sam

Copywriting with Sam

Gary Halbert, the Godfather of copywriting, said, “The ability to write ads and/or letters that sell is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire. If you master this skill you should never again have to worry about money.”




Coaching with Sam

Have you been attending internet marketing courses and still not making money? Are you lost with too many choices and don’t know where to start?  Get a clarity and strategy session  with Coach Sam Choo now.


freedym university

Freedym University

Freedym University is the Netflix for lifestyle entrepreneur. As a member, you have access to a buffet of over 200 video tutorials on various internet marketing topics. What’s the investment for an online  education that will equip you with the knowledge to create an online income?




Earn as you learn

Earn as You Learn

How do you get started as an online entrepreneur if you start from zero with nothing  – you don’t have the knowledge, the product and much money?  Book a 2-hour coaching session with me and I will show you this simple business model. This is my signature training program specially for IM newbies.



7-day-ecourse by Sam Choo

The 7-Day Challenge

Learn how to sell online. Reward: Access to 10,00 hours of digital marketing education, worth more than $30K.  The e-course is free.