sam choo

Who is Sam Choo

The word most often used to describe me is that I inspire people.

I wear many hats. I am a writer, a ghostwriter, a copywriter, an author. I am a curator, and a researcher.  I am a Christian, a child of God, an angel in disguise.  I am a Facebook marketing strategist, a Facebook Income Generator.  I am a son, a father and a husband.  I love to live a minimalist lifestyle as a recluse. I love animals but I never have one.  I make a living online. I work from home.

  • Founder of  Singapore Internet Marketers online community
  • Charter President of Changi Simei Toastmasters Club
  • Author of “Excuse Me, Who Moved My Cubicle” and  almost 100 books
  • Speaker, trainer, coach, author, community builder

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Online Coaching Programs that Sam Choo had conducted in the past:

  • Make Your First $1,000 in 30 Days
  • Publish Your Book in 60 Days
  • Passion to Profit – From Zero to a 5-figure Income.
  • Simple Affiliate Marketing With Sam
  • Facebook Marketing without Using Paid Ads
  • Ops Ninja with Sam – The 100-Days Challenge to Earn Your First $1,000
  • FB Zero to Hero
  • The Confession – Inside the Mind of a 6-figure Online Solopreneur

Membership Programs that Sam had Created

  • Kindle Mastermind Group
  • Conversation with sam
  • Copywriting with sam
  • How to Grow Your Coaching Business
  • Make it Happen
  • The Solopreneur
  • Sam Choo Academy
  • and more…

Home Study Courses that Sam had Created

  • Publish and Grow Rich
  • Easy Fiverr Cash
  • Persuasion Secrets
  • FB Group Marketing Secrets

Public Talks

  • Social Media Marketing at NAFA
  • How to Create Your Own Job as an Internet Entrepreneur at SAF
  • Tea with Sam Choo at Tembusu College
  • How to Grow your influence and income through FB group marketing at National Library
  • How to Write and Publish Your Book for Fun and Profit.
  • Social Media Jealousy – how to protect your reputation from jealous competitors and haters. Organised by iSuccess

Masterclasses Conducted by Sam in the past:

  • How to Create Your Website in 3 Hours
  • Make Money with Fiverr
  • Ways to Make Money Online
  • Facebook Group Marketing Secrets – How To Build Relationship, Converts Customers, Create Fame and Make Money with Facebook Groups
  • IM Career Talk
  • Talk about Your Future
  • Talk About Your Internet Marketing Career
  • The Internet Marketing Blueprint – The 4-Step Process to Making Money Online
  • Create Your Website in One Day
  • Q&A with Sam – Don’t Ask Google. Ask Me
  • How to Make Money with No Money.
  • How to Create Monthly Recurring Income through Micro-Membership Subscription
  • How to Earn a 4-figure Income Part-time Sharing What You Know
  • How to Make Money without Money
  • Facebook Marketing Profits: How to Attract More Clients, Increase Sales & Stand out from the Crowd with Facebook Marketing without Using Facebook Ads
  • Graphic Design Made Easy With CANVA
  • Easy Graphic Design Like a Pro With No Experience
  • How I Raise myself from failure to Success in Internet marketing
  • How to Publish a Book for Less than $300
  • Earn As You Learn
  • How to create monthly recurring income through micro-membership subscription
  • Learn. Share. Teach
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • The Secret Blueprint
  • How to Build Your Tribe with a Facebook Group
  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • From Breakdown to Breakthrough
  • The Power of ONE
  • Sell Like a Ninja – How to Promote Your Business Online…Without Spamming, with No-Cost Methods
  • How to Make Money as a Freelance website designer
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Graphic Design Made Easy With CANVA
  • 4 Ways to Make Money with No Money
  • The Secret Vault to Free Resources
  • How to Craft a Sales Letter that Sells
  • How to Escape the Rat Race
  • Ask Sam – Q&A with Sam
  • 6 Punch Persuasive Sales Formula
  • Love Revolution – How to Sell with the Power of Love
  • Teach What You Know
  • Be a Solopreneur – How I earn 4 to 5 figure a month as a solopreneur
  • Facebook Group Marketing Secrets Revealed
  • Youtube Masterclass
  • and many more…