Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate Marketing 101


By popular demand, I will be conducting an info-pack 3-hour crash course in Affiliate Marketing on 7 April (Fri) 7pm to 10pm

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The choice is obvious especially for anyone who is starting up in an online business. Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start an online business. 

There are many advantages.  It is a good way when you don’t have a product of your own and you cannot write a persuasive sales page. You don’t have to take care of the delivery. You don’t have to handle the customers’ complaint or bear the risk of creating a product that won’t sell. You have an instant product to promote right away. You will never run out of products to promote.

However, most new affiliate marketers fail in affiliate marketing. In the class, I will tell you what are the common mistakes and the right way to do it.

This class is for internet marketing newbies who are new to this subject, and for those who had tried without success.

Here is what I will cover during the talk:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • The 3 basic steps in affiliate marketing
  • Why Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start an online business
  • The challenges of affiliate marketing and what you can do about it.
  • The secrets of super affiliates
  • Tools of the trade
  • What are the hottest niches
  • How to select profitable products
  • Where to find new products
  • How to write product reviews that sell
  • How to promote affiliate products
  • How to beat your competitors

Why you should learn from me.

I may not be a super affiliate or the top affiliate marketer in the industry. But I did made thousands of dollars in affiliate sales.  I made a 6-figure annual income in 2016. During the class, I will show you the proof.

Nowhere can you find a class where you can learn so much and yet so affordable. Here is my guarantee. If, at the end of the class, you feel it was not worth your money, I will refund you the money immediately.

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, send your questions to me at  I will answer your questions during the class.

No need to bring your laptop. Just bring your pen and paper. I’ll see you in class!

Speaker: Sam Choo

Date: 07 April 2017 (Fri) 7pm to 10pm

Venue: 16, Arumugam Road, Off Paya Lebar Road,
Lion Building Block D, #05-01,
Singapore 409961 (see for direction)

Investment: $50.

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