Develop and Implement Digital Advertising Campaigns For Lead Generation

Develop and Implement Digital Advertising Campaigns For Lead Generation


In this 3-hour hands-on workshop, learners will learn how to use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to generate leads through a lead magnet (e.g. an ebook)

Learners will be hand-held through a step-by-step process of creating and launching a Digital Advertising campaign with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

To provide a realistic setting, each learner will be assigned an individual website for hands-on practice on the concepts taught.

Case studies of successful and unsuccessful Digital Advertising campaigns will also be presented, such as how a property agent generated $200,000 in property sales and how a training company achieved 400% in ROI through an ebook.


Prior to attending this workshop, learners are recommended to already be running an existing website. This will help learners put the theory into context. Learners are also required to have an existing Facebook and Google account for hands-on activities.

Laptops will be provided in the training room. You don’t have to bring your own laptop.


By the end of the workshop, learners will:

* Understand the concept of Digital Advertising
* Be able to set up and launch a Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords lead generation campaign
* Be able to develop custom audiences and remarketing lists for lead generation
* Be able to set up conversion tracking for measurement and optimisation of Digital Advertising campaigns


Part I:

* The concept of Digital Advertising (with infographics)
* What is Facebook Advertising
* How to create a Facebook Page
* Facebook Advertising campaign structure
* Understanding various Facebook Ad campaign objectives (awareness, consideration, conversion)
* Understanding various Facebook Ad types and ad placements (Newsfeed, Carousel Ads)
* How to set up and install the Facebook Pixel on a website
* Defining and creating custom audiences
* Defining and creating custom conversions
* Facebook Audience targeting options
* Bidding and budgeting settings
* Creating and launching a Facebook Ad
* Case studies of successful and unsuccessful Facebook Advertising campaigns

Part II:

* What is Google AdWords
* Setting up a Google AdWords and Google Analytics account
* How to install the Google Analytics tracking code on a website
* How to set up Google Analytics Remarketing audiences
* How to set up and launch a Google AdWords Display campaign for lead generation

Trainer:  Dylan Sun

Recognized as the authority in the fields of Search Engine Marketing and Web Design by some of the World’s leading companies, Dylan made it his mission to train and consult businesses and individuals to establish a successful and above all profitable online presence.

Throughout his career as a Search Engine Marketing specialist, he has consulted on technical SEO and offered actionable advice on Search Engine Marketing for SingHealth, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, LHN Group, Academic Institutions, Government Organisations, and companies in the Infocomms, Travel, Hotel, Retail, and B2B & B2C industries.

Passionate in all aspects of Digital Marketing, Dylan enjoys authoring articles relating to Digital Marketing. You can find his work on Techinasia, LinkedIn Pulse, Business2Community, and Equinet Academy. In 2013, Dylan founded Equinet Academy and currently facilitates courses there. He has also conducted workshops for various organisations including Singapore Institute of Management’s (SIM) Marketing Executive Group (MEG).

Dylan also holds certifications in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) awarded by WDA’s Institute of Adult Learning (IAL). He currently manages digital marketing campaigns for several companies in Asia, all observing a significant increase in leads and online conversions, leading to a stable profit growth.

Click here for more info about Dylan Sun.

Topic: Develop and Implement Digital Advertising Campaigns For Lead Generation

Speaker: Dylan Sun

Date: 8 Sept 2017 (Fri), 7pm to 10pm

Venue: Equinet Academy. 137 Cecil Street, #07-05 Hengda Building, Singapore 069537. Click here for direction. 

Investment: $70

Limited to  20 pax only.