Earn As You Learn

Earn As You Learn

Earn as you learn - the simplest way for newbies to make money online

How to Learn about Internet Marketing and Earn at the same time.

“I don’t have any internet marketing skill”. “I don’t have much money”. “I  don’t know what to sell”. “I don’t know where to start”.

These are the common woes I hear from my clients all the time.

My name is Sam Choo. I am an internet marketing (IM) coach.  My speciality is to help IM newbies to create an online income.  Finally

There are  thousand and one way to make money online. And most of the ways are difficult  and costly especially for newbies.  Most will fail in their business.

Finally, I have discovered the simplest way for any IM beginner to make real money online in the shortest time.

Is this Program for You?

You know nothing about how to run an internet business. You don’t have the knowledge. You don’t have an email list or many Facebook friends. You don’t have any products to sell. You are broke. And you don’t know where to start.

Maybe you have spent thousands of dollars on some internet marketing training but you are still not able to create an income.    It is not your fault that you were led to believe there is a magic button.

What can you do to make a living? So how do you create an online income when you start from zero?

The Answer. 

Finally, I have found the answer. It is a simple business model. Yes, it is possible to make a good income but it does require work. There is no push-button formula.  If you expecting a quick miracle, I don’t want to waste your time. You can stop reading now.

This method will work for you if…
* Even if  you know very little about internet marketing but you are hungry and willing to learn.
* You are hard working enough to implement what you learn and promote your business.
* You are patient enough to commit and stay focus to this business for at least one year.

How does it work?

This business method is a combination of blogging and affiliate marketing. Before you raise your hand and object, “I don’t know how to blog. I don’t know what product to promote!”,  I will show you exactly how, during my session.

Why this is Cool

This business is ideal for IM newbies, for stay at home moms, and employees who looking for an extra part time income.

This is a newbie friendly business because:
* No need to build a website
* No need to create your own product
* No need to write a sales page
* Extremely little cost: $1 a day

This is not an MLM.  This is not a recruitment.

You will know more internet marketing than most people. You will earn recurring passive income. If you make 1 sale a day, your potential earning is over $3K a month passive income every month, after 1 year.

What you will learn
Give me 2 to 3 hours of your time and I will show you:

  • Why most of the current online business are difficult to implement. They are costly, complicated, requires high skill, and take forever to implement. They are not newbie friendly.
  • What this simple and profitable business model is.
  • How to promote  this business without using paid ads, even without an email list.
  • Multiple income streams.  5 ways, to be exact.

Gurus always say, build your list because the money is in the list. It still holds true. But what is holding most people from building their list are two problems:

1. What to post? For every product you sell, you have to write a series of emails to promote that product. What is the sequence to write? How do you write it?

2. What to offer? Where to find so many products to promote without feeling like you are spamming your subscribers with one product after another? You either have to buy the product or get a review copy every time.

My solution is a simple and clean solution.  You will have enough content to post for a year. You don’t have to keep looking for product after product. I will show you the template on how to post. It is non-spammy and informative.  Your audience will thank you for sharing with them.

In my talk,  I will reveal the answer. This will clear your mental blocks

Why You Should Learn from me Now

What I am about to teach you is what I am doing for a living. The more people know about it, it means more competitors. So I don’t have the incentive to reveal this method to too many people.  I am not desperate to teach for a pittance because it can make anyone a full-time income. There is much value in it.

So while I am crazy enough  to reveal my secret income-generation method, please grab me now before I regain my sanity and change my mind.

So why am I sharing this secret? I sincerely want to see you succeed. If this method cannot make you an income, nothing will.  My greatest joy as a coach is to see my students succeed.

My Earning. 

I started promoting this program on 1st Sept 2016. As of 8 Sept, I have gotten 16 sales. My first sale is a sweet commission of  $89.10.  My aim is to make at least one sale a day. If you close one sale a day, you should be able to earn a passive recurring income of $3,285, after one year.

earnings for 1 to 8 sept 2016


What Some Participants Said about the Program
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You have missed it! The event is ok. However, you can book me for  a private coaching session. Message me on Facebook now.

P.S. ‘Earn as You Learn‘ is the simplest way for a newbie to make a legitimate and highly profitable online income.