Vlogging for Beginners

Vlogging for Beginners

Vlogging for Beginners

The video revolution is here.  The video is the lingua franca of the Internet. It is a language that everybody can understand. Youtube is the 2nd most visited site on Internet because of the video. In two year’s time, video posts will exceed text posts.

Are you ready for the video revolution?

Here’s why you should join the video revolution.

Video marketing is the best way to connect with your customers about your products and services. Unlike text, it shows the most info in the shortest time. The video is mightier than the pen. A video presentation is more authentic and real. Facebook is committed to video through Facebook Live streaming. Your video posts will get 10x more exposure than text or picture posts.

Are you interested in learning more about how to do a video blog, aka vlogging?
As an online marketer, do you want to learn how to use video to reach out to your audience?

Sandy Tansc, The 90 Second Vlogger, is here to help you do it the easy way.

If you have never done vlogging before because you feel awkward, Sandy will help you, through a series of easy exercises, to overcome your fear and face the video camera with confidence.

Sandy Tansc is the founder of Vlogging Success . a FB group with 106 members.

She had just concluded mentoring her participants in a 30-day vlogging challenge. It has been a transformational experience for the participants under the constructive and gentle guidance of Sandy.

Adrian Lee, a participant, said “I am very happy to achieve what I wanted to do… vlog daily. On my own, it wouldn’t have happened. It’s this community of positive Vlogging challengees and Sandy Tansc generous coaching that made it happen.”

Jason, a Singaporean living in Korea, said, “…Sandy really created the ideal environment in which we really feel free to experiment and to create and to be ourselves with no fear of repercussion to our core business or identity. I am very thankful for this community…

I have also participated in the challenge. Thanks to Sandy’s encouragement and positive feedback, I am able to present myself with more confidence.  You have to join ‘Vlogging Success’ to see my video posts. It has never been shown outside her group.

Because of my positive learning experience with her, I am excited to invite Sandy Tansc to conduct this workshop.

You’ll learn:

* How to apply vlogging to raise your brand and promote your business with 9 types of video
* Vlogging techniques
* Avoid this one major mistake that even seasoned vloggers are making, which will impact their presentation.
* How to create your test video privately
* Practice and get confident in front of the camera. Get feedback on the videos you have recorded.
* Launch your first Facebook Live Streaming

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be more knowledgeable about the different kinds of video for your own business, how to make impressive short videos on your smartphone, and acquire the confidence to do FB Live.

You will receive post-training online support.

Investment: $50
Date: 25th March (Sat). 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
Venue: Building D, Arumugam Road, #05-1. Next to Macpherson MRT (see sgtrainingroom.com)

Trainer: Sandy Tansc, tThe 90 Second Vlogger

Seats are extremely limited. The room accommodates only 9 pax.
To sign up now, click on the button below.