What will it take to Earn $1K a Day?

What will it take to Earn $1K a Day?

In the past, I thought about how to make $5 a day. I made it. Then I thought about how to make $100 a day. I also made it.  Once in a blue moon, I hit 4-figure a day.

It set me thinking how I can hit $1K a day on a consistent basis. What will it take for me to earn $1K a day consistently?  This is the question on my mind for many days. It keeps me awake on my sleepless nights.

I look at how I did it before and see if there is a pattern.  I look at the industry and the people who made it. Is there a commonality? What did they sell? How did they do it? Can the system be duplicated?

I discover the answer lies in this:

* a certain kind of biz that is profitable
* a certain group of a market segment where people have more money to spend
* a certain kind of daily ritual to raise your brand and expertise.
* a certain kind of mindset relating to your comfort zone and dealing with your fears.
* the use of leverage.

In the talk, I will share how I hit $5 a day, $100 a day and sometimes $1K a day.
And of course, I will share my finding on what it takes to earn $1K a day.

At the end of the class, you will know:
* How it is possible to make $5 a day, $100 a day, and $1K a day.
* Why people fail what you can do about it.
* What it takes to make $1K a day
* The belief that it can happen for you.


You will be added to a secret group to continue the conversation.
You get to ask me any questions related to the topic.
If there are new findings, I will share with you.
You have a lifetime membership to the secret group.

If you have the ambition to earn as much as possible and you are not sure what you need to achieve the goal, this masterclass is for you. The content are fresh. I am revealing this 1K a day blueprint for the first time.

This session is not recorded. I seldom repeat my class. So don’t miss it.

Topic: What will it take to Earn $1K a Day?
Speaker: Sam Choo
Date: 31 Oct 2017 (Tues), 7pm to 10pm
Venue: 16, Arumugam Road, Off Paya Lebar Road, LTC (Lion) Building Block D, #05-01, Singapore 409961. See sgtrainingroom.com
Investment: $70

Solopreneur members: You pay a discounted price. See your forum for detail.
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