ChatGPT with Sam Choo

ChatGPT with Sam Choo


Are you looking to stay ahead of the technological curve? Then it is time to get on board with ChatGPT. In a matter of just two months, ChatGPT has reached an incredible 100 million users, setting a new record that surpasses the two-year mark of Instagram and the nine-month mark of TikTok. This adoption rate is unprecedented and is making ChatGPT the hottest topic on the internet. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of a cutting-edge technology – join the ChatGPT revolution

Learning ChatGPT is essential in today’s workplace, as companies are increasingly requiring their employees to be ChatGPT literate. If you don’t learn it, you risk becoming obsolete.


The AI gold rush is happening now, and ever since ChatGPT was launched in Nov 2022, it has been revolutionizing the online world. ChatGPT is the greatest invention since Facebook, allowing us to do more and make more money with its astonishing capabilities.

With ChatGPT, it’s like having Superman as your buddy- it will supercharge your online career with its new powers. That’s why taking a course in ChatGPT is a great way to benefit from this trend.


These are the benefits of Mastering ChatGPT:

#1: More Productive

You can work faster than a team without any extra cost. Achieve results in just a fraction of the time.

#2: Create higher-quality Work
By mastering this powerful tool, you’ll get instant access to the smartest brain in the world—right at your fingertips! Whether you need to instantly generate new ideas or quickly edit a complex text, you’ll be able to get the job done in record time.

#3: Make more money

Unlock potential for new income streams with ChatGPT! Mastering this revolutionary technology is an excellent way to increase your monthly income. With ChatGPT in your toolkit, you’ll be able to create new and engaging content for your customers and make more money.

#4: New career opportunity

Mastering ChatGPT can open up an exciting new career opportunity for you: an AI Prompter! As the technology advances and more companies rely on AI to facilitate communication and decision-making, having experience as an AI Prompter will become increasingly sought-after in the job market. Being a master of ChatGPT could be the key to your success and a truly rewarding career.


I have been using ChatCPT since its launch in Nov 2022. As a solopreneur, it helps me to be as productive as a team, producing better quality work in less time. I have able to take on more assignments as a content creator. Thanks to this new found knowledge, my monthly income has increased.


I have decided to launch an online course inside a private Facebook group on 1st March 2023. It’s called “ChatGPT with Sam Choo’ I am going to deposit and update all my knowledge about ChatGPT there.

You can access the group anytime and read my daily tips. The tips are in text or short video tutorial. Learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.


Here’s what you discover in the FB group:

#1. Trends and news on ChatGPT and in the AI industry.
Read about latest launches and developments in artificial intelligence

#2. WHAT it can be USE for.
Practical use of ChatGPT in your daily life, in your studies, in your work and in your business.

#3. How to PROMPT ChatGPT to give you the best answer

How to prompt (command) to give you the best-quality answer.

#4. How to make MONEY with ChatGPT

The opportunities you have to make income with ChatGPT.

#5. AI in other areas.

How AI are used in other areas such as artwork, video and other areas.

What you are paying is the convenience of having the information in one place. Of course, you can figure it out yourself if you have the time. I am saving you the time by curating the most relevant information and by sharing my personal experience.

You have access to me any day, anytime. If you have a question, just post your question in the group or drop me a FB message. I am very prompt in my response.


It is a good investment because this knowledge can potentially increase your earning power.

ChatGPT  is my trade secret. So I am opening it up only to those who are serious about making a living out of it.

Your investment is a one-time payment of SGD$497. or USD$371. Make payment via to or  Paynow/paylah to 97717614.

You will have life time access to the learning material in the private FB group.  The material are constantly updated. 


As a member, you’ll get 3 exclusive ebooks at no extra cost.

Ebook #1: ChatGPT – How to Prompt to get the Desired Answers

Ebook #2:  Massive Collection of ChatGPT Prompts

Ebook #3:  Ways to Use ChatGPT

Ebook #4: How to Make Money with ChatGPT

Ebook #5: How to Create Art with AI

Ebook #6:  AI Software Resources


Learn how to leverage on the full potential of ChatGPT and become an ChatGPT expert. This knowledge will help you increase your productivity and make more money online.


The ecourse ‘ChatGPT with Sam Choo’ will be launched on 1st March 2023. If you like to be on the waiting list, send me an FB message. You can reach me at