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A 100-Day Online Coaching

Day 1: Why I recommend Freedym.
Day 1: The Blueprint.
Day 2: Your Product
Day 2: Why I recommend Freedym as the Product Choice.
Day 2: The Niche.
Day 3: Your Affiliate Link
Day 4: Your Facebook Account.
Day 5: Watch Video. Take note. Tell your friends.
Day 6: What to Post. (Part 1)
Day 6: What to Post. (Part 2)
Day 7: Add New FB friends
Day 7: You are learning from the best
Day 7: What does it take to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer?
Day 8: Join other FB groups.
Day 8: How to Start a Conversation.
Day 9: Learn. Apply.
Day 10: Namecard
Day 11: Motivational Day.
Day 11: Buy Facebook Friends
Day 11: Perform this Daily Ritual
Day 12: [Encouragement of the Day]
Day 12: Get into the Mind of the Founder.
Day 13: My Progress Report.
Day 13: Get More Friends from Coursemates
Day 14: Tips on Adding Friends.
Day 14: Posts in Other FB Groups
Day 15: The Most Powerful Strategy.
Day 16: Progress Check: How Many Friends Have You Got?
Day 16: Your FB Fan Page.
Day 17: Brand Yourself. Be a Published Author.
Day 18: Free-course
Day 19: E-courses
Day 20: Attend ‘Master the Art of Selling’
Day 20: Contest
Day 20: Seek to Dominate.
Day 21: You are not a Slave.
Day 21: The Kiasu Way
Day 22: Publish a Book
Day 23: Family Gathering
Day 24: Join Meetup.com and Seminars.
Day 25: Find your Market to Serve.
Day 26: Give Free Talks
Day 27: Give away free Info Products
Day 28: Arouse Curiosity. Reveal little
Day 29: Clone the Model
Day 30: Sales Funnel
Day 31: Do the Least, Get the Most
Day 32: What to Post on your Timeline
Day 33: Speak their Lingo
Day 34: Students Need it
Day 35: Writers and Content Producers Need it
Day 36: Build Your Tribe
Day 37: Turn a Cold Lead to a Warm Friend.
Day 38: Write a Sales Letter
Day 39: Tell the Story
Day 40: List on Website
Day 41: Throw Stones at the Enemy
Day 42: Current Affairs
Day 43: Your Competitors
Day 44: Ask
Day 45: $7 Report
Day 46: Unique Hashtag
Day 47: Seminar/info Junkie
Day 48: Rewrite the Synopsis
Day 49: Personality
Day 50: The new way to sell is to educate.
Day 51: Newsletter
Day 52: Awesome Post
Day 53: Consumers (learners) and Business Opportunists
Day 54: Say Hello
Day 55: Video Screening
Day 56: Free Strategy/Coaching Session
Day 57: Pain Point
Day 58: Infotainment
Day 59: Quotation
Day 60: Promote the One thing
Day 61: Listen to Conversation
Day 62: Book Review
Day 63: What’s Coming Soon
Day 64: Apply one tip
Day 65: Heartsell
Day 66: Know You
Day 67: Like You
Day 68: Trust You
Day 69: Desire You.
Day 70: Write a Sales Page a Day
Day 71: A note a day
Day 72: Own it
Day 73: Woo like a lover
Day 74: Online Classified Ads Portals
Day 75: Banner Ads in Blogs
Day 76: Facebook Ads
Day 77: Wear the Shoes of the Prospects
Day 78: Review of Program
Day 79: Repurpose Content (SEO)
Day 80: Weekly Talks
Day 81: Eavesdrop on an online conversation
Day 82: Freedym FB Group
Day 83: The Business Operation
Day 84: Video Marketing
Day 85: 50 Ways to Promote Your Courses and programs
Day 86: Run a 48-hour promo with free gift
Day 87: Gift of the Seasons
Day 88: Teach
Day 89: Who’s Reaching to the Same Market?
Day 90: Content Marketing
Day 91: Who Needs Your Service?
Day 92: Webinar
Day 93: Crack the Success Code
Day 94: The 80/20 Rule
Day 95: Comment and Share.

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