Be Awesome

Be Awesome

ordinary is boring. Be awesome

Are you sick and tired of the bullshit in your life and you want to make your life truly awesome?   Then read on…

Is your life boring and you want to escape from the humdrum of your life?
Are your Monday blue and you look forward to the end of Friday?

You feel in your bone that life is more than spinning the wheels day after day.
You do what you do because the Govt, the school, the society and your family expected of you  and you long to be able to live for your dreams instead of building other people’s dreams.
Maybe you felt let down by the world. You suspect that what you believed all along was a lie.

Deep in your heart, you long for the freedom to express your true self,
to live life on your own term, and to unleash your awesomeness.

The Truth

It is time to awaken to these truth:
* You don’t need a reason to be happy. Happiness is a decision. Be happy now.
* Tomorrow might not come. Treat yourself and other people as if you are seeing them for the last time.
* Anything is possible. There are people in worst state than you and they can do it. Are you trying hard enough?
* No one can make you unhappy without your permission. How you react is your choice.
* Life is simple. We just like to complicate matters.
* There is an answer. There is no lack of knowledge. You are not the first person in this world to experience the problem.
* Ordinary is mediocrity. Ordinary is boring.
* Wealth is not a dirty word. Having more means you can give more, help more people and do more good.
* There is abundance. There is enough for everyone.
* Your life sucks because you tolerate the shit.
* Don’t blame the world for your misfortune. Take the driver’s seat.
* Titles are just vanity labels to satisfy your ego.
* People are the same everywhere. Same blood. Same need. National boundaries are man-made.
* You know enough. Don’t keep seeking. Just do it.

You can live the awesome life. You can do awesome things.

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What You’ll Discover

Here are some of things you will discover:

* how to be a better person.
* how to win friends
* how to save your marriage.
* how to take control of your life.
* how to express your awesomeness
* how to light a candle and shine a light
* how to find joy in living.
* how to love yourself and be your own best friend.
* how to get more of what you want.
* how to get rid what you don’t want.
* question your assumptions
* challenge your beliefs
* less is more.

What it Means to be Awesome

What does it means for you to be awesome?
It means you will have:
* an awesome life
* enough money and free from debt
* amazing friends
* a business you love
* the freedom to live life on your own term.
* enjoy life to the fullest
* truly fulfilled.
* fun

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