How to Make Money On Medium

How to Make Money On Medium

Dear aspiring writer,

Sam, how do I make money as a writer?” My friend KH asked me this question recently. He was unhappy in his job. He was burned out and now he wants to switch to a new career as a writer.

The ideal career for a writer

There are many ways to make a living as a writer. I want to recommend a way that most aspiring writers can start doing easily. My criteria are this: it is easy to start with little or no money, it is doable for most writers, and they can do part-time at their own pace. They should be able to see money coming in every month and earn passive income.

I narrow down the choice to this one business model: blog on Let me explain the reason for my recommendation.

Why you should blog

If you want to make money as a writer, you should blog. Why blog?

Blogging improves your writing skill, build up your portfolio and attract customers. Your prospects want to see your writing sample. They want to know your writing style, how much you know about the subject, and your competency in the English language. You can blog to grow your email list, and promote affiliate products, your books, and your programs. Blogging brings traffic to your website without using ads. Blogging grows your power as an influencer.

Why you should blog on

You get more readers reading your articles on the Medium website than on your website. There is no cost to it. As an authority site, the SEO is good. That means readers have a higher chance of finding you. Use your blog to direct traffic to your website or sales page.

What’s more exciting is that you are paid when Medium subscribers read your articles. Months and years from now, people will still read your articles. That means passive income. Write once, earn forever.

Medium is the most popular article website in the world. If you are just starting without any audience, Medium is the perfect platform for you. Every month, 60 million people visit the website to read articles.

The founder has an impressive track record. The website was founded 10 years ago (in 2012) by Evan Williams. Evan founded and sold it to Google. Then he created Twitter. His guy has the Midas touch. This means when you bet on Medium, you are betting on a winning horse.

How you Can prosper

If you blog consistently on Medium, you will harvest these benefits. You will earn passive income every month without having to sell anything. You can promote anything. Attract more customers and become an influencer.

I am not promising you that this is a fast and easy way to make an income. It is simple but not easy because you need discipline and patience. Give yourself six months of planting before the season of harvest come. You must enjoy writing.

Why should you listen to me?

I am a full-time writer. I make a living through written words. I am still standing even as the sole breadwinner. I have a winning formula. Check this link to read what others said about me:

The Offer

Here’s my offer to you:

When you sign up for my course ‘Medium with Sam Choo‘, I will add you to a private Facebook group where you have permanent access to more than 38 short lessons. Read it in your own time and progress at your own pace.

What you will learn:

  • How to set up your blog on Medium
  • Ways to monetize your blog
  • What to write and how to write your blog post
  • The art of blogging
  • and more…

Every week, I will share what I do on Medium and how I did it. Watch over my shoulder as I reveal behind-the-scene strategies, my results, and what work and what did not work.

You have access to me. So you can ask me any question at any time. I will give you constructive feedback on your work.

You have peer support from a community of writers. We can help each other to grow the number of followers and promote each other’s blogs.

You don’t have to struggle alone in this journey. You are in good company.


Your one-time investment is only SGD$50. I am charging such a low price because I want to make it affordable for you. The price will increase in the future to reflect its true worth.



If the course is not worth the money, ask me for a refund within 7 days of enrollment. No questions asked. The risk is mine.

Your Choice

If you want to change your future, change your habit. I recommend that you get into the habit of posting about 3 posts a week on Medium for the next 6 months.

Put in your effort. Six months from now, you will see money flowing in month after month. Or you do nothing and remain where you are. It’s your choice.

I am going to Medium. Will you join me and run this marathon together? Let’s prosper together. If you like to be my companion in this journey, have a chat with me on FB Messenger at now.

Talk to you soon!

This screenshot shows you that it is possible to make money by blogging on Medium.