Membership Programs

Membership Programs

Video Tutorial on Membership Programs

These tutorial are available exclusively on Freedym.    To access the video, take a 7-day trial for just $1 here


Case Study: Inside Jeff Salzenstein’s Tennis Membership Site

Let’s take a look inside a membership site for tennis lessons. You’ll see how
Jeff built his site and creates content. This is another powerful Freedym U
case study!



31 Recurring Revenue Models

Ryan Lee reveals not just one.. but 31 proven methods for recurring revenue.



Case Study: A 6-Figure “Religious” Membership Site

See how Paul Evans creating a very profitable paid membership site.. in the religion niche!



Membership Site Mastery.. The Complete Workshop Recordings

This was a full day live workshop featuring 4 different experts showing you how the A-Z of creating a membership site.


7 minute continuity

7-Minute Continuity: The World’s Fastest Recurring Revenue Program

Can you really create a continuity program in just 7 minutes? This video will prove it CAN be done!


fitness community

From Fans to Family: Inside a Fitness Membership Community

See how fitness expert, Ben Greenfield, has taken his tribe.. and create a profitable online community.


insiders club

Case Study: How to Run an “Insider’s Club”

Troy Broussard is one of the best creating powerful marketing strategies combined with smart programs. This is a prime example.


Membership Retention: How to KEEP Members Paying Month after Month

Getting members is one thing, but KEEPING them is the key. See how Stu McLaren has members sticking around for a long, long time.

stop-leaving-money- on the table

Stop Leaving Money on the Table with Tim Kerber

The man “behind the scenes” of over 1,000+ membership sites reveals how to increase your profits on the back-end.

7 figure-marketing membership site

Case Study: A 7-Figure Marketing Membership Site… from Scratch

What does it really take to create a 7-figure membership site? Chris Farrell will reveal how it did it, step-by-step

6-figure-marketing-scrapbooking site

Case Study: 6-Figure Membership Site.. In Scrapbooking!

Who says you can’t make money in niches? See how John Sanpietro created a 6-figure coaching group.. in scrapbooking!


Case Study: Inside a $97/Month Powerhouse!

Sean Malarkey created a profitable $97/month membership site. For the first time, you’ll go behind the scenes of exactly how he did it.

recurring-revenue on autopilot

No-Touch Continuity: How to Create Recurring Revenue on Autopilot

No-touch continuity? That’s right, Jason Fladlien reveals his process for creating recurring revenue programs that’s a true “set it and forget it”.


The $97 Per Month Formula: How to Create Premium Continuity Programs

Do you want to create a premium priced recurring revenue program? Then you’ll love the $97 per month training program. Ryan will take you though, from start to finish, in this exclusive training.

facebook-groups-with Dan Meredith

Case Study: Create a Full-Fledged Movement.. with Facebook Groups

Dan Meredith is the man behind “Coffee with Dan”. He reveals how a simple free Facebook group turned into a full-fledged movement..generated a nice 6-figures of semi-passive income.

Inside a Recipe Membership Site

Case Study: Inside a Recipe Membership Site with Thousands of Members!

Aviva Goldfarb has built one of the biggest paid “cooking” membership sites. In this exclusive un-released case study, she shares the secrets to her success.



Tutorial: How To Create “Recurring Revenue”… with Gumroad

In this ‘Tech’ module, Ryan show you exactly how he uses Gumroad for various products/services and how you can too. Getting your products/services up and selling NOW.


$5K Continuity University Workshop Recordings

The Complete $5K Continuity University Workshop Recordings (6+ Hours!)

Continuity U was a full-day workshop where Ryan took you through exactly how to create your own recurring revenue programs. Attendees each paid up to $5,000.00 to attend.. and now the entire
workshop recordings are yours – for FREE!


Nutrition Members Paying $97 Per Month In a Facebook Group

Case Study: 80 Nutrition Members Paying $97 Per Month In a Facebook Group

In this interview we sit down with Jason Phillips who just launched his first private Facebook coaching group.. and got 80 people paying $97 per month. See how he did it, his “unusual” marketing campaign and how he manages it all with one spreadsheet! If you want to run your own Facebook group, this is another can’t miss.


How to Build Your 6-Figure Tribe with a FREE Facebook Group

How to Build Your 6-Figure Tribe.. with a
FREE Facebook Group

A world-class fitness copywriter who created a 6-figure tribe using just a free Facebook group. Ryan sits down with Dan Meredith and they dive right in.. sharing all the juicy details! Come with a 16-page transcript.