Video Editing with Filmora 2018

Video Editing with Filmora 2018

Video is the future. And future is now.  More and more content are in video form. It’s the most powerful form of communication.  Use it on Facebook and they will reward you with more exposure and higher priority.

You can use video for

  • testimonials,
  • product demonstration,
  • interviews, and
  • education (with how-to videos).

Anyone can shoot a video with a smartphone. But do you know how to edit them?

Filmora is a low-cost high-quality video editor. Filmora is the easiest and most affordable video editing software.   Once you master this valuable skill, you can create awesome video content. You can even make an income by providing video creation and editing service for business owners. This skill is profitable and in high demand.

Here’s what you learn in this hands-on workshop:
* How to put video clips together into a complete video presentation
* How to cut out the parts that you don’t want.
* How to overlay text
* How to add the transition effect.
* How to add music.
* How to export your video and publish the video on Facebook
* Where to download Free HD Stock Video Footage
* Where to Find free music
* How to create the green screen effect in 4 simple steps.
* How to save any videos from Facebook and Youtube.

This is a one-full day workshop where you will learn just about everything on Filmora, namely: 

Lesson 1: Basic Edit

  • Where to get royalty-Free photos and videos
  • Download trial version of Filmora editor
  • Introduction to the dashboard interface
  • Start a new project
  • Import media
  • Trim, split, move, delete clips
  • Export

Lesson 2: Audio

  • Where to get royalty-free audio
  • Import audio media
  • Insert audio
  • edit volume. Fading. Mute
  • How to record voiceover

 Lesson 3: Transition

  • Types of transition effects
  • Recommendation transition

Lesson 4: Text

  • Create a Title
  • End Credit
  • Captions

Lesson 5: Effects

  • Filters
  • Overlays
  • Elements

Lesson 6: Color Grading

  • How to turn color to B/W
  • How to adjust brightness
  • How to adjust color

Lesson 7: Green Screen Effect

  • Select background
  • Apply picture in picture
  • The news room look-alike
  • Green screen on text

Lesson 8: Logo

  • How to add watermark or logo to the video

Lesson 9: Special effects

  • How to reverse video sequence
  • How to speed up or slow down video
  • How to crop and zoom

Lesson 10: Sharing Video

  • How to upload to Facebook
  • How to upload to Youtube
  • How to download video and music from Facebook and Youtube

Lesson 11: Advanced Effects

  • How to blur out face in video
  • How to blur background


The trainer is Sam Choo. He is founder of  the Facebook groups “Video Marketing with Sam’ and ‘Video Mastery with Sam’.


You’ll be added to a secret Facebook Group where you can get support, ask questions, and learn more, even after the class is over.

It’s newbie friendly. 

This workshop is for you if

  • you have not edited a video before,
  • you have tried other software but found it difficult or limiting, or
  • you want to create marketing videos to promote your products and service.

If you want to master a profitable skill that will sustain your livelihood for a long time, this is the ONE.

Please bring your laptop to the class. Download a free copy of Filmora software at

Topic: Video Editing with Filmora 
Trainer: Sam Choo
Date : 24th March (Sat)
Venue: To be confirmed.

Message me to arrange.

Investment: $147